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Testimonials...Some of our Sessions are very personal so thank you soooo much....

After leaving a job of 13 years, ending a 3 year relationship and losing three loved ones unexpectedly over the course of two years I found myself horribly depressed with terrible anxiety. Some days I could hardly function, many days spent crying uncontrollably. Having limited experience with these feelings of despair that had taken over my life I was scared and confused on top of everything else.

I contacted Raina initially as a friend but with some curiosity as to whether hypnosis might help me. We made an emergency appointment which then caused anticipation and nervousness. Even though I have known Raina for years and trust her completely the idea of hypnosis was a little unsettling. None the less I showed up, we got started and before I knew it we were done.

I cannot fully explain in words the immediate relief I felt, the wonderful feeling of being myself again. Over the days and weeks that followed my sense of well being continued to increase. I have optimism now that I haven’t had in a couple years and I have hope and happiness again. I have had friends, family, and co-workers comment on how nice it is to see me happy again. I am not shy about telling them or anyone what I did to help get my life back. 

Of course I still have moments of sadness and pain over the losses I have experienced and only time will heal those wounds but now I am able to work through those moments without “going off the deep end”. I have control over my feelings and emotions and I have the ability to not let myself become unstable again. 

I have referred people close to me to Raina, most recently my daughter, who like myself experienced an immediate positive reaction. And I intend to have another session soon to tackle my dreaded smoking habit.

I fully believe in what Raina does and I am proud to call her my friend and my hypnotherapist.

Pamela Currans

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